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Customer agrees as part of the Condition that any promotional bonus and / or credit granted to Customer is subject to the following conditions:

  • The bonus can be redeemed if all conditions are met cumulatively.
  • The bonus can only be redeemed during the promotional period according to the active customer account.
  • Customers are entitled to submit one application for TGMFX Promotion during the promotional period.
  • TGMFX will decide as it deems appropriate if the client's deposit and trading activity is eligible for a promotional premium.
  • The total refund should not exceed the initial deposit amount.
  • Withdrawal of bonus funds is conditional upon the production of 10,000 revolving value per 1 dollar bonus.
  • The bonus can only be redeemed upon registration by the customer's actual contract details.
  • To claim a premium, please send an e-mail to our Promotions section.

In addition to the above, certain additional terms may apply.

Customer Agreement

This Agreement on Customer Dealing (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") between TGMFX Limited and its affiliates, hereinafter referred to as "TGMFX" and any End User (hereinafter referred to as "Client") (Hereinafter referred to as "the Parties") and the Agreement applies to any transactions between them, including any additional attachments, including but not limited to the Statement of Risk Disclosure and the User Ownership Statement.

1. General rules

1.1. Services. Customer may enter into transactions with TGMFX in respect of spot and forward currency transactions, foreign exchange transactions and other similar transactions offered by TGMFX from time to time (hereinafter referred to as "Services").

1.2. Margin. Services may include margin-based transactions, whereby the Client hereby requires the deposit of a cash amount to secure its obligations, hereinafter referred to as "margin of guarantee".

1.3. Direct relationship. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, TGMFX and the Customer shall enter into this Agreement as an authentic party and TGMFX shall not accept any Unauthorized / Unauthorized Original Party acting through Customer. In respect of such an authentic party, Customer agrees to provide TGMFX with its identity, personal information and other information that TGMFX may request.

1.4. Not recommending or inciting. TGMFX is not responsible for recommending, soliciting, offering, advising, offering or agreeing to certain advantages or otherwise providing any opinion whether by buying or selling any currency or entering into any other transactions. Neither the provision of services nor the communication with anyone associated with TGMFX should be taken into account.

1.5. Errors. The quotations provided by TGMFX, or through intermediate or other parties, may be incorrect for any reason. Following any transaction involving such errors in quotations, TGMFX reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to correct the balance of the affected account. Any dispute arising from such errors or corrections will be resolved on the basis of the prevailing market value of the relevant currency at the time of error.

1.6. Market volatility. The Client acknowledges that the currency market is subject to sudden changes due to news, events, other announcements, acts of war, terrorism, power outages, strikes, civil disobedience, business trends, political developments or fluctuations in financial and other commodity markets and other uncontrolled factors TGMFX. TGMFX may, at its sole discretion, provide for exceptional or exceptional circumstances in the market, in which case it reserves the right to impose limits on trading or special terms, cancel any transaction, suspend or close any account.

1.7. Minimum Trading Duration. A transaction stub should be considered closed within 120 seconds of its opening date, such as "fast trading". TGMFX reserves the right to cancel such transactions without prior notice.

1.8. Trading Indicators. The Client acknowledges that under this Agreement he understands that if trading in CFDs, TGMFX will open its trading within 5 minutes of the opening of the relevant Market. The Client will not be able to trade such a tool within the first 5 minutes of the trading day.

2. Client instructions and execute orders

2.1. Customer may provide verbal or written instructions to TGMFX to make a request. Written instructions may be given through the letter, fax, website of TGMFX or other electronic means of communication. Oral instructions may be given in person or by telephone, but TGMFX may request that such instructions be saved. Once written instructions are given, they can't be canceled, withdrawn or modified without the express consent of TGMFX. TGMFX does not need to confirm instructions.

2.2. TGMFX may request new instructions from the customer, which it must provide immediately.

2.3. Customer shall notify TGMFX of the identity of any persons authorized to give instructions. Such notification shall be in writing and shall indicate the names and forms of the signatures of the authorized persons to do so. Such authorization may be canceled by written notification by the Customer, but such cancellation shall only take effect upon written confirmation by TGMFX.

2.4. The customer is solely responsible for all orders, as well as the accuracy of all information sent through the Internet using the customer's name or personal identification code. This posting does not constitute a binding contract between TGMFX and Customer until TGMFX accepts or acts under it.

2.5. If TGMFX does not receive instructions from the customer to settle / close open positions at the close of a specific business day, TGMFX is authorized (but not obligated) to forward orders to the next business day.

2.6. In the event of a recycling as described in Section 2.5 above, the customer will be charged a fixed fee of 0.01% of the current exposure to the trading account at 00:00 GMT regardless of any interest rate differentials

2.7. TGMFX assumes no liability and Customer shall protect, indemnify and hold harmless, cost, or liability arising out of an error in instructions, instructions or other communications transmitted via the Internet or the Customer's failure to notify Customer's revocation or inability to issue instructions Or TGMFX in accordance with the sole discretion of TGMFX in accordance with the instructions transmitted via the Internet using the customer name or personal identification code or from a person who appears to be a mistake for TGMFX as a person authorized or rejected by TGMFX for any reason Or without reason Ml according to the instructions.

2.8. Withdrawal Instructions - Customer may withdraw all or some of the funds deposited with TGMFX if the following conditions are met:

2.8.1. Submit all obligations or other documents required to TGMFX.

2.8.2. Complete and sign the "Application Form for withdrawal" assigned by TGMFX and complete all necessary information contained in the form.

2.8.3. Don't have any open positions in TGMFX's trading account.

2.8.4. Send the "Request for Withdrawal Form" after completing it to TGMFX Customer Support via fax or e-mail.

2.9. TGMFX must perform Customer Withdrawal within 96 business hours upon fulfillment of all pre-conditions and upon the approval of the TGMFX Support Department. The Client acknowledges that the transfer dates may vary according to the type of account, the issuing bank, the intermediary bank, the receiving bank, the destination country or any third party involved in the transfer of funds. TGMFX assumes no responsibility for late transfer of funds resulting from such third party intermediary.

2.10. The Customer acknowledges that it may incur additional transfer fees to transfer the intermediate parties the required amounts. TGMFX does not incur any fees for the withdrawal. In addition, the Customer acknowledges that in the event that the amounts received are converted to any currency other than the US Dollar, some change charges may apply.

2.11. Customer acknowledges that Anti-Money Laundering Regulations do not permit transfer of funds to any third party intermediary other than the beneficial owner of the trading account at TGMFX. In addition, TGMFX may request documents relating to the source of funds and / or beneficial owner.

3. Customer's undertakings

Customer hereby undertakes:

3.1. That he has read and understood the terms and conditions of this Agreement;

3.2. That he understands the high risk ratio associated with foreign exchange trading exposed to the movement of the unknown market and other factors that may result in losses above the original margin of the customer and that he can bear the loss of the amounts he transferred to TGMFX and incur additional losses.

3.3. Not to lose the legal capacity in respect of this Agreement or any contract under which, in addition to not being subject to any law or regulation that would prevent it from fulfilling its responsibilities contained in this Agreement or Contract.

3.4. (If the Customer is a similar company or entity, it undertakes that it has received the proper authorization and authority in accordance with its Organizational Charter).

3.5. In accordance with the terms of this Agreement, all amounts transferred to satisfy the margin of guarantee shall be kept for the whole time free of any charge, pledge, pledge or obligation.

3.6. That he is committed to all laws laid down, for example, not limited to, all the laws and regulations of taxes and requirements of exchange control and registration requirements.

3.7. Acknowledge that the information provided to TGMFX is complete, accurate and not misleading.

3.8. The foreign exchange market is not subject to regulatory control, and the client is therefore aware that he will not benefit from any other legislation or compensation system in respect of services.

4. Margin requirements

4.1. Customer must transfer to TGMFX the required funds in a currency acceptable to TGMFX to cover the customer's margin of guarantee and any other debit balance.

4.2. TGMFX does not have any obligation to ensure that the customer meets the margin margin requirements before an order is made and the customer's payment obligations will not be reduced as a result of TGMFX's inability to perform the payment of the unpaid margin before entering into the transaction.

4.3. TGMFX may use any funds collected from Customer to fulfill the obligations of TGMFX associated with such Customer against any third party and TGMFX shall not be obligated to inform Customer of any revenue you receive.

4.4. The Client shall immediately pay any amounts due under a third party contract in accordance with both the terms of such Contract and any instructions provided by TGMFX for the purpose of enabling it to perform its obligations under such contract.

4.5. TGMFX may (but is not obliged) to transfer any Customer-owned funds to another currency at an acceptable exchange rate for TGMFX as TGMFX deems necessary or required to meet Customer's obligations and responsibilities.

4.6. If Customer fails to meet the required margin of margin or other amount due under this Agreement, TGMFX may close any or all open positions without prior notice and assign any resulting proceeds to any amounts due to TGMFX. TGMFX reserves the right to return any funds deposited by Customer at any time for or without reason.

5. Spread rates, margin and leverage

5.1. TGMFX reserves the right to modify margin requirements in accordance with the size of customer deposits, transaction size, market conditions, volatility, liquidity or other factors determined by TGMFX. TGMFX reserves the right to provide varying spreads in accordance with the size of the customer's margin of guarantee and / or transactions.

5.2. The Client shall bear full responsibility for verifying the activity of his accounts, together with the requirements of the margin of guarantee. Such requirements are available upon request or on the website of TGMFX.

6. Right of foreclosure, imprisonment, set-off and seizure

TGMFX reserves the right, at any time and without prejudice to any of its other rights, to combine or merge separate client accounts and to clear any of Customer's accounts with each other (regardless of the name or currency of the account) or to clear each balance separately. For any of the rights of TGMFX arising from Customer Services, regardless of the maturity dates of such rights or currencies to which it is assessed, TGMFX reserves the right to hold, pledge and hold all assets or warranties owned by Customer or otherwise deposited with TGMFX or any other guarantee Or compensation provided to TGMFX or due to it by Customer.

7. Failure to meet obligations

TGMFX reserves the right, without prior notice to the Client or additional authorization from it, to liquidate all or part of Customer's transactions or accounts at any time after any of the following events occur:

7.1. Customer's inability to meet any payments due under this Agreement immediately.

7.2. Customer's inability to comply with or comply with any provision of this Agreement or to perform any breach of this Agreement.

7.3. Customer maintains parallel accounts for the purpose of evaluating TGMFX's promotions or policies, in accordance with TGMFX's sole discretion.

7.4. The death of the client or the announcement of his absence from consciousness or disorder of his mind.

7.5. A bankruptcy application in respect of the client or, if the customer is a partnership group, bankruptcy relates to one or more partners or, in the case of the company, taking any steps or initiating any proceedings or seeking protection under any applicable law for restructuring in cases Bankruptcy or default in relation thereto, including, but not limited to, taking steps to appoint a guardian, guardian, manager or similar employee for his or her actions, assets or any part thereof as bankruptcy.

7.6. The customer will return the money by credit card. In this case, any client accounts will be frozen, and all transactions will be closed at the end of the trading day in the manner specified by TGMFX.

7.7. Ask TGMFX or the Client to liquidate the Transaction or any part thereof by a governmental or regulatory authority or authority.

7.8. If TGMFX deems it necessary to do so to protect itself.

7.9. Customer acknowledges the right of TGMFX to close all open positions or any part thereof owned by the customer at TGMFX if the negative results of such transactions result in exceeding the margin required.

7.10. A client who practices or is suspected of practicing what may be considered illegal or illegal activity, an unethical abuse of the system, a system arbitrator, a quotation broker or any other transaction that may be considered in one way or another a violation of the trading standards based on the time period of opening the transaction or The transaction is inadvertently in accordance with the price, timing or instrument incorrectly.

8. Internet and electronic trading

TGMFX isn't responsible for any claims, losses, damages, costs or expenses, arising directly or indirectly, from any failure or failure of any broadcasting system, telecommunications or computer facilities, whether owned by TGMFX, a customer, any market or any Settlement or clearing system.